Beo Čista Energija

Serbia’s first private major provider of waste treatment, disposal, and utilization services.

Beo Čista Energija d.o.o. a special purpose vehicle formed by SUEZ France, ITOCHU Corporation, Japan and MARGUERITE, Luxembourg entered into a public-private partnership with the City of Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, on 29 September 2017.

Under the DBFO (Design Build Finance and Operate) model, Beo Čista Energija d.o.o. is responsible for design, construction, finance and operation of the new Vinca waste management centre, to provide municipal and construction waste treatment service for a period of 25 years.

Our project addresses multiple issues Serbia and the City of Belgrade are facing with and is one of the fundamentals of waste management and environmental policies and strategies of the City of Belgrade.

The main pillars of the PPP Project are:

  • Stop pollution of the surrounding environment and the Danube River caused by improper waste management.
  • Generate electricity and heat from waste as a substitute to fossil fuel with reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Share knowledge and expertise between the public and private sector.

All design and technical solutions are in compliance with Serbian and EU/international environmental standards.

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