• waste management

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Serbia’s first major service provider for waste treatment, disposal and utilization of waste and landfill gas as renewable resource for production of electric energy and thermal power

Beo Čista Energija Ltd. a company sponsored by SUEZ, France, ITOCHU, Japan and MARGUERITE II, Luxembourg entered into Private Public Partnership with the city of Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, to provide services for treatment and disposal of over 500,000 tons of solid municipal waste on a yearly basis. Beo Čista Energija Ltd. will design, finance, construct, maintain and operate for 25 years two co-generation plants for production of electrical power and heating energy by utilizing waste and landfill gas recovery, provide remediation of the existing “Vinča” Landfill operating since 1977. and construct new sanitary Landfill. System for collection and treatment of polluted leachate water and treatment of construction and demolition waste will be also built. For decades highly environmental hostile waste landfill, would be turned into modern and environment friendly, contributing to Belgrade and Serbia’s environment fortification, healthier air and wellbeing of citizens. All facilities shall be constructed in accordance with Serbian and EU environment protection standards by implementing up-to-date knowledge and technology.