non-sanitary landfill in operation
non-sanitary landfill size
the highest point reached by the non-sanitary landfill

We are in the era of the resource revolution. In a world facing high demographic growth, runaway urbanization, and the scarcity of natural resources, securing, optimizing, and renewing resources is essential for our future.


The  old landfill in Belgrade, the Vinca landfill, was in operation since 1977 and was one of the largest open dump site remaining in Europe. There was a pressing need for its urgent closure and the introduction of a modern and eco-friendly waste management system.

With no landfill gas capture system, the site significantly contributes to climate change. An estimate is that the project will result in CO2-eq emission savings of 250,000 tons annually which is equivalent to planting 2.2 million trees.

The PPP Project will contribute to Serbia’s environment preservation and circular economy targets, achieving EU standards by reducing landfilled waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The project provides a long-awaited solution to address the most critical challenges for the City of Belgrade and the country in managing its capital’s waste. It includes:


  • Closure of the Vinca dump site,
  • Construction of a new landfill,
  • Collection and treatment of leachate (polluted water) and landfill gas recovery,
  • Construction and operation of Energy-from-Waste Plant and Landfill Gas Facility, substituting fossil fuel with waste as a source of heat and electricity,
  • Treatment of construction and demolition waste.
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