The project provides a long-awaited solution to the most critical challenges faced by the City of Belgrade in managing its waste.


  • Considerably reduce pollution from the old Vinča landfill;
  • Develop and operate a new sanitary landfill in compliance with Serbian and EU standards;
  • Reduce landfill waste and contribute to Circular Economy transformation;
  • Enable resource efficiency;
  • Produce heat and electricity through thermal treatment of waste and landfill gas;
  • Ensure compliance with EU Directives on waste management requiring diversion of biodegradable waste from landfill.

Serbia’s national target – Diversion of 65% of biodegradable waste from landfill by 2030 (compared to 2008 quantities).


  • Improvement of environmental and social climate in the region by closing the old landfill, which has been reported to cause environmental hazards;
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – use of electricity and heat generated from municipal waste and landfill gas as a substitute to fossil fuels, coupled with reduction in landfill waste level;
  • Prevention of adverse environmental impacts on a local level, such as landscape deterioration due to landfilling and local water and air pollution. The Project will put Belgrade, and Serbia as a whole, at the forefront of best practices in environmental and social protection on a regional level;
  • Transfer of know-how to local staff, capacity building for personnel engaged by the City for complex contract management, development of local sub-contractors and raising the public environmental awareness among Belgrade inhabitants.
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