New Landfill

The City of Belgrade envisaged in its Local Waste Management Plan 2011-2020 the improvement of waste collection and transport practices, an increase in waste re-use and recycling, the construction of waste treatment (including energy-from-waste) facilities, the remediation of the old landfill and the construction of a new sanitary landfill at Vinca.

The new sanitary landfill within the Belgrade Waste Management PPP Project has a capacity of 5.500.000 tons of waste for final disposal of unprocessed residual municipal waste and municipal waste process residues.

The new sanitary landfill is built in compliance with the valid regulations of Republic of Serbia which are in compliance with EU directives. The landfill is lined all-round by waterproof geosynthetic material that will prevent uncontrolled leakage of leachate in the surrounding land, which is transported via the system of pipelines to the leachate treatment facility. The landfill bottom liner systems include following components (from the top to the bottom):

  • 50 cm – drainage gravel layer;
  • Geotextile layer;
  • HDPE liner;
  • Clay liner;
  • 50cm clay-like material with a maximum permeability value of of K≤ 1.0 x 10-9 m/s;
  • Natural soil.

The new sanitary landfill is in operation as of 2nd of August 2021.

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