Project Sponsors

SUEZ, a global leader in environmental solutions with an extensive know-how in waste-to-energy, and its partnership with ITOCHU, one of Japan’s largest trading houses, goes back 10 years. In the United Kingdom, the partners are already processing over 1 million tons of waste every year. For the project in Belgrade, they teamed up with Marguerite, a pan-European investment fund that is also Suez’ partner in the Poznan PPP in Poland, a 22 MW Energy-from-Waste facility commissioned in 2016 under the first waste  PPP combining private financing and EU cohesion funds in Central Europe.

Unbound with any specific technology or supplier, SUEZ experience stems from the operation of hundreds of waste management systems worldwide, including 50 waste-to-energy facilities processing 6 million tons of waste per year, which brings comfort to clients, co-investors, and lenders that the Belgrade project will be successfully delivered.


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