Partners and their role in the Belgrade Waste Management PPP project

City of Belgrade

City of Belgrade is Public Partner whose key responsibility is to deliver communal waste to the landfill complex (Public Utility Company “Gradska cistoca” being solely responsible for waste collection and transportation to landfill), to collect the waste charge and pay to Private Partner for the provision of the services for waste treatment and disposal provided to the City of Belgrade. The urban area of Belgrade is 3,223 square km and the city area is 360 square km. The city proper has a population of 1.23 million, while over 1.65 million people live within the administrative limits.

City of Belgrade’s objective is to be at the fore-front among capital cities in the region, with state-of-the-art waste treatment infrastructure facilities, in particular in maximizing its recycling and recovery rates from waste.

Secretariat for Environment protection

Belgrade has been paying special attention to the environmental protection for three decades now. In 1974, the City Committee for Town Planning and Environmental Protection was formed whereby the work and monitoring of the status in this area were organized for the first time within the authorities of the City of Belgrade. The Secretariat for Environmental Protection, as a separate body to engage in operations entrusted by the legislation was set up in 1990.The quality of environmental protection is monitored on a continuous basis. Each year, there are prepared certain programs of control of the quality of air, the quality of drinking water and public drinking fountains, surface waters, as well as the programs of testing of the levels of radioactivity, pollution of soil and measurements of the level of communal noise. On the basis of those measurements and obtained results, the protection measures are planned and undertaken and the effects of such undertaken measures are monitored.

Waste Management Sector performs tasks of planning and organizing waste management related to the design, changes and implementation of local waste management plan; It also deals with the support, development, organisation, preparation and monitoring of individual programmes, plans and projects in the field of waste management, the organisation of primary selection, collection and recycling of waste and other activities in the field of planning and organising waste management in accordance with law, the Statute of the City of Belgrade and other regulations.

Public Utility Company “Beogradske elektrane”

Heating energy Off-Taker who will purchase 56.5 MWth, being the overall production of the heating energy in Energy from Waste facility.

Public Company EPS (JP Elektro-privreda Srbije)

Electrical power Off-Taker who will purchase 30.24 MWel produced in Energy from Waste facility and 3.09 MWel produced in Landfill Gas Plant.

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