The Belgrade Waste Management PPP Project preserves the environment from pollution and provides energy from waste in compliance with EU standards & Best Available Techniques.

Opened in 1977, the Belgrade 42-hectare landfill was one of the 50 largest active non-sanitary landfills in the world and the second-largest  in Europe. Its closure will significantly contribute to preserving and improving the essential elements of life: air, soil and water.

Vinca landfill

The Belgrade Waste Management PPP Project being developed by Beo Čista Energija, in partnership with the City of Belgrade, addresses one of the most urgent environmental challenges in Europe and aims to stop the negative impact of the old non-sanitary landfill by rehabilitating, closing and transforming it into green space. The Vinca dumpsite situated on the banks of the Danube River absorbed about 700,000 tons of municipal and construction waste per year from the Serbian capital and is reaching 80m in height. The landfill has negatively affected not only soil, quality of air and water in the region, but also the health of waste pickers who  used to live and work on the site. The old landfill, spanning about 42 ha, will be fully rehabilitated and replaced by state-of-the-art infrastructures: Energy-from-Waste plant, sanitary landfill with leachate treatment and landfill gas collection and construction waste recycling unit, all complying with the most stringent EU regulation.

The Belgrade Waste Management PPP Project has at least 7 contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Slow recovery of the nearby watercourses that have been heavily polluted over years thanks to leachate treatment
Sustainable source of electricity with 216 GWh per year
End of dangerous working conditions on site
Sustainable waste management for over 1,6 million of people
Responsible consumption and production
Positive impact on the climate: CO2-eq emission saving of 250,000 tons annually which is equivalent to planting 2.2 million trees
6km long greenbelt will enhance biodiversity
First Public Private Partnership in this field in Serbia
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